Basketball can be a life changing experience for a lot of young people. It can change their habits for the better. Through basketball, players will learn that it is possible to have fun whilst respecting the rules set by the coaches. It teaches that winning and success is possible if you work hard and work together as a team. As players learn individual basketball skills, they will become more confident. In a team situation, players will learn that they should focus on what they can control by doing the right thing regardless of the results. Through basketball matches, players will learn how to deal with pressure whilst still producing their best. Overall, basketball could make a difference in everyone's lives! Help us to change lives for the better! 

If you wish to donate for a good cause, please contact us for more information. 

We are gratefull to receive 'the Northstowe Developers Community Fund' which will contribute towards our cost to set up Northstowe Basketball Club

We thank 'Living Sport' to sponsor our COVID-19 summer camps 2020.

The funding made it possible to offer free sessions to a number of players who would not have been able to attend otherwise.