Northstowe Senior Sessions

We have been running various sessions including outdoor, indoor, women-only and mixed sessions in Northstowe. Our indoor sessions are held in the Northstowe Secondary College. We do encourage you to try one of our sessions to see how you can become fitter and healthier and have fun at the same time!

Currently, our indoor senior sessions are every Thursday (8.20pm-9.30pm) excluding during school holidays and during half-terms. The sessions are aimed for local people who are looking to stay fit in a fun way by playing basketball. All abilities are welcome to join.

Tuesdays and Thursdays Sessions

We are running two sessions per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 8:30 to 9:30pm. Please arrive 10 minutes early if possibe.

Tuesday sessions are simply scirmmage while Thursdays are organised by one of our coaches and they will consist of fitness focused drills and technical advice so everyone can improve in a team environment. The sessions will end with scrimmages.

Due to limited court availability we can only accept limited members. 

How to join as a member?

  1. Send an email to to check if we can accept new members.
  2. Complete and send us the application form which you can download from this website.
  3. Once you get confirmation that we can accept you, please make the first month payment and set up the standing order accordingly.

Terms and Conditions

One off joining fee of £15 

If you are attending only one session per week: £20 per month

You can choose which sessions to attend each week: either on a Tuesday or on a Thursday but not both. 

Cost: First month payment will be £35 on joining the club.  Then please set up a standing order for £20 per month from the following month.

If you are attending two sessions per week: £30 per month

You can attend all adult sessions we run every week. Currently we run two sessions per week as specified above

Cost: First month payment will be £45 on joining the club. Then please set up a standing order for £30 per month from the following month.

Please note additional terms and conditions:

  • If you wish to stop attending our sessions, we require one month notice

  • If you miss a payment, we will require an additional £10 admin charge 

  • If you stop attending and would like to re-join, the additional £15 joining fee is applicable

  • The terms and conditions could be revised from September 2022 when a new Basketball Season will start.

Additional Sessions

For those who are interested in competitive matches, please drop us an email to let us know. We could set up new sessions if there is enough demand.