Northstowe Junior Sessions

We normally charge termly and can accept new players for our winter term. Registration are done online. Please read this page for more infomation and if you have any questions you can send emails to either one of the coaches or

Our junior coaching team are Navid (U12), Efe (U18), Maxim (U10)  and Dave (U14) in Northstowe. 

Our U10, U12 and U14 players can also opt to prarticipate in matches if they wish to, while we do offer traning-only sessions for all age groups. Our U10 and U12 teams will compete in Fastbreak Winter League from January to March 2022. Our U10 team was the winner of the Fastbreak Autumn 2021 league. For information about our matches please visit the Competition and tournaments pages. Northstowe U16 and U18 players are either attending the training-only sessions on Thursdays run by Efe or attending the United training sessions run by Neb

Northstowe junior sessions are run on Tuesdays and Thursdays as follows:

10 & Under

  • Thursdays 7.15-8.15pm 

12 & Under

  • Tuesdays 6-7pm

14 & Under

  • Tuesdays 7-8pm

16 & Under Performance Players Run by Neb

  • Players should attend three sessions per week
    • Mondays 5.30pm-7pm - Northstowe
    • Wednesdays 6.30pm-8pm - Cambourne
    • Saturdays 4 to 5pm or 5 to 6pm - Cambourne
  • The team is preparing for entering into a high standard tournamnet from 2022/23 season
  • Acceptance to this group is under discretion of Neb and players have to meet to a minimum standard
  • Costs £50 per month inclusive all sessions and matches. Please press on 'View Details' and then press on 'Show more' and read the details!

18 & Under

  • Tuesdays 7-8pm

U10, U12 and U14 teams can have optional regular matches on Saturday or Sundays afternoons.

How to sign up? - Use our online shop!

To apply you need to do the following steps:

1) Download the application form and send the filled copy to Please do not forget to specify the session you will be attending  

2) Please choose the group suitable for you or your child from our online shop and proceed to checkout!

You can simply click on one of the courses at the bottom of this page and go to check out for payments. If you have any problems please let us know.

Covid-19 Secure Sessions

We follow Basketball England guideline. Please download and read Covid Risk Information. We would also perform Covid screen every session as shown in the form which you can download.

Club Equity and Code of Conduct Statements

Please make sure you have downloaded and read our Equity and code of conducts polices for Northstowe Basketball sessions.

Comments and Questions

If you have any questions, please contact us by sending an email to