Sponsorship from Performance Roofing Contractors Ltd!

We are thrilled to announce that Fastbreak Basketball Club has received generous sponsorship from Performance Roofing Contractors Ltd! This support will significantly enhance our efforts to provide quality basketball training and competitive opportunities for our players. Performance Roofing Contractors Ltd is a leading provider of comprehensive roofing solutions, known for their exceptional service and commitment to quality. Their sponsorship demonstrates their dedication to fostering young talent and promoting healthy, active lifestyles. For more information, visit Performance Roofing Contractors Ltd.

MediaTek Renews Support for Fastbreak Basketball Club

We are delighted to announce that MediaTek has renewed their generous sponsorship for Fastbreak Basketball Club! MediaTek, a global leader in semiconductor technology, is known for its innovative solutions powering billions of devices worldwide. Their ongoing support highlights their commitment to fostering local communities and nurturing young talent. This funding will be used to subsidize our U18 National League team, ensuring financial barriers do not hinder our players' opportunities to compete. We are incredibly grateful for MediaTek's continued support, which significantly enhances our programs and provides greater opportunities for our players. Learn more about MediaTek on their official website



Basketball can be a life changing experience for a lot of young people. It can change their habits for the better. Through basketball, players learn that it is possible to have fun while respecting the rules and listening to their coaches. It teaches players that winning and success is possible if you work hard and work together as a team. As players learn individual basketball skills, they become more confident. In a team situation, players learn that they should focus on what they can control by doing the right thing regardless of the results. In basketball matches, players learn how to deal with pressure whilst still producing their best. Overall, basketball makes a difference in everyone's lives! Help us to change lives for the better! 

Grassroots organisations like us are devoted to getting children and young people moving, because together we know that active youth do better. When they have an opportunity to play a sport like basketball they’re more likely to reach their full potential on and off the court!

We are seeking local businesses and companies to come on board as sponsors to help us meet growing demand, the running of the Fastbreak League and to support and enable us to take our players, coaching staff and facilities to the next level. In the first instance please contact John Quinn info@fastbreakbasketball.co.uk for any expressions of interest regarding sponsorship of Fastbreak Basketball and our local teams.



“Fastbreak is a great club where every child is included. I have watched my son develop with U10's and get great enjoyment out of watching them play. I would recommend Fastbreak to anyone looking to get their child into an exciting fast sport that requires thinking fast!” - Mark James

Life Changing

“Basketball has changed my son's life. He has found a passion for sport that he never found with football or rugby. The training and support from his coaches have been unbelievable and given him so much confidence in his abilities.  He's learned basketball skills, but  also commitment, teamwork, and generosity.” -Diana Mason

Well Being and Mental Health

“Thank you for everything last term. Basketball has made a huge difference to my son's mental health and fitness levels after a tough couple of years. He loves basketball  and so do I! Such a great group of people and such a postive experience. Thank you for all you do coaches and volunteers.” - Kim Robichaud

Self Confidence and Motivation to Work Hard

"Fastbreak Basketball has been fantastic for our son. With opportunities to play at school limited to PE we signed him up in Feb 2020 and although lockdown hit a month later, he made the most of the very well organised outdoor training camps and then subsequent playing opportunities that followed later in the early summer. The coaching is first class and the opportunities to train and play competitively have really boosted his self confidence, motivating him to work hard and to get the most out of this hugely beneficial experience.  Our son is enjoying being part of the U16 team and is really looking forward to the start of the new season. Thanks to Navid, Neb, Miguel and the other coaches for all their hard work behind the scenes and on the court. We would recommend Fastbreak Basketball to any parent looking for a club for their child to join" - John & Kathryn Quinn

Role Model and Teacher


“Thanks for all your teaching our child has loved training with you + playing the real games!”

Tara and Pam


  1. With the support of our sponsors, enable Fastbreak Basketball to provide part/fully subsidised club membership opportunities for all.
  2. Funding for multi-site training programmes to develop players aspiring to compete nationally in our United teams.
  3. Support Fastbreak Basketball’s growing coaching team, particularly in new club areas. This will not only create grassroots opportunities for young people to play, but also help us to develop and nurture coaching talent with sponsors’ support.
  4. Establishment of two additional junior clubs to meet growing demand.
  5. Support our training venue and club-wide kit costs so that we can keep costs as low as possible for all.
  6. To build relationships with sponsors that embolden big ideas and aspirations for all.